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The Research House Alfred Russel Wallace in Santiong, Ternate

The Research House Alfred Russel Wallace in Santiong, Ternate
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    Deskripsi Produk The Research House Alfred Russel Wallace in Santiong, Ternate


    In 2008 the city of  Ternate was uproar by great scientists of the world  ,

    The world Biogeography father, the naturalist Sir Alfred Russel Wallace.

    Starting from the International Conference Letter From commemorating 150 years Ternate Letter From Ternate,

    which was attended by U.S. Ambassador Cameron, Prof. Dr. Emil Salim, and other international scientists.

    Stunned the world when there is an awareness of the history of science have opened the inventor of the theory of evolution actually is Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin is not.

    The theory of evolution stems from research conducted in Ternate, Indonesia by Alfred Russel Wallace British scientists by writing On the Tendency of Varieties to Depart Indefinitely From the Original Type or Letter from Ternate in 1858.

    gambar wallace

    The picture of Sir Alfred Russel Wallace

    After the international conference that, it was discovered that Sir Wallace homes in villages Santiong, Ternate.

    Alfred Russel Wallace was the main character who publishes Ternate and Halmahera in research biogeographic evolution.

    Alfred Russel Wallace arrived in Ternate, on January 8, 1858 at the age of 35 years.

    He lived in the house recommended by Dutch businessman, Duivenboden.

    The house is adjacent to the old Portuguese fort Santiong.
    For the past 4 years in Ternate, he stated that the house was very comfortable in Ternate (In this house I spent many happy days).

    Sir Wallace said in the house: the water supply me awake thanks to a deep well.

    Especially in this climate, clean water is a luxury.

    From the house, the market can only be reached within a 5 minute walk.

    Similarly, if you’re going to the beach.

    Wallace also said that in this house I have a spacious and convenient to remove, sort and organize all the ‘treasure’.

    He can also walk around enjoying the suburbs, or the mountainside when they want a little exercise or looking for a new collection (from the Malay Archipelago).
    Homeowners former residence of Alfred Russel Wallace, Paunga Tjandra,

    in 2008 suggested so far he does not know anything about that first house was once the residence of the naturalist world.

    gambar rumah wallace

    The picture of homeowner residence of Alfred Russel Wallace, Paunga Tjandra

    He just knew, after the mayor at that time to his home and told them.

    Around the year 1970 the house was often visited by tourists from America, England, Australia, Holland, Canada and Japan who want to see the well behind the house. The foreign tourists wandering around the house for 30 minutes, looking at the well and around the house, take photos and take samples from water wells.

    At that time, the well Wallace still there along with the shower and bath water.

    Malifut seismic event in 1992,

    cause the building fell into the wells approximately 1.5 meters

    and dangerous for those around the well so that the well covered with soil, then put an iron pipe in the middle.

    foto sumur wallace

    Photo of  wallace wells

    Homeowners planning to install the pump, but not so fitted.

    Around the year 1960 the castle walls still standing near the residence of Wallace in Ternate called Wallace in his book,

    there is a complete door gate with a width of about 4 m,

    but in the 1970s the castle walls torn down residents to build houses.

    What remains now only the debris.

    Houses Alfred Russel Wallace in Ternate where he carried out research study for 4 years, is owned by my parents and now I live in the house.

    Since he knew my parents house in Ternate was occupied house the world researcher Alfred Russel Wallace for 4 years led to the tourists from within the country and abroad come to the house to see the remains of Wallace.

    Many people with different backgrounds have come to our house.

    They are LIPI scientists, medical specialists from Jakarta, architects,

    Prof. Dr. Emil Salim, Ambassador of the United States, Ambassador of Australia, and a retired researcher from the Netherlands, UK, USA,

    British Ambassador, Ambassador of Singapore, the tourists Sail Morotai 2012,

    journalists and reporters from TV stations Dutch documentary covering home Ternate, reporters and journalists Metro TV, TV One, Reuters journalists, TV reporters and journalists from the British BBC TV stations are also not left behind a documentary on Alfred Russel Wallace trail guided by the famous British  comedian actor, Bill Bailey , and many more that I can not mention.

    Persiapan Shooting Film Dokumenter oleh BBC Channel

    Photo of Preparation Shooting Documentary by BBC Channel

    Source : Verjon Tjandra


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